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The Invisible Job Candidate

"Are any of these jobs or Veteran programs real??"

This was the subject line of a message I received today from an unemployed Veteran. He had submitted his resume to several job boards and recruiters claiming to actively seek Veteran candidates, but had received no confirmation or follow up of any kind. Previously, my response was basically to say, "I know, I know." But today is different.

Every week I receive announcements about Veteran job sites and career fairs, asking me to forward to my vast network of Veterans and/or employers. Many ask me for endorsements and some request my exclusive endorsement. I have never given it and probably never will. Similarly, employers seeking Veteran candidates ask me for advice on the best job site and career event and I tell them the same thing: I'm sorry but I cannot endorse any because I have yet to find one I would put my name behind.

No more. I now have a source I can vouch for and will: any recruiter with the Certified Veteran Recruiter (CVR) credential gets my endorsement because I have personally trained them and gotten to know them as individuals with good intentions and a commitment to hire Veterans. Therefore, when a Veteran asks me where they should post their resume or look for a job, I now have somewhere to direct them.

I built the CVR Program solution with my own sweat equity and investment, and believe with every fiber of my being that it can and will make a difference for our Veterans and the organizations that (say they) want to hire them.

Designed as a solution for professional recruiters, the CVR is also a solution for me: I can finally offer the countless Veterans who contact me daily an alternative to the "black hole" they feel they have fallen into as invisible job candidates.