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Bah humbug and happy holidays

I was speaking with a friend the other day about her recent breakup with a boyfriend, and how the holidays make it so much worse. It got me thinking about how the holidays can make just about any negative situation feel so much worse. For me, anyway, the winter holiday season is poignant, whether positively or otherwise. Regardless of what’s happening in life, the backdrop is Christmas carols and advertisements that emphasize abundance and wealth (do people really give cars as Christmas presents??). This is all part of the fun when I’m in the holiday spirit but, when I’m not, they are constant reminders that I’m out of step with “everyone else” and with the appropriate mood for the season. Know what I mean?

That thought quickly led me to wonder how it is for the many service members returning from combat. The USO does a great job of reminding me to think of those still serving in faraway lands at this time of year, but what about those who are back home and struggling with the physical and emotional wounds of war? I’m sure this train of thought was also triggered by tweets from a group I’m now following: Real Warriors (@real warriors). Their posts this week have referenced how to be resilient during the holidays. I really encourage readers of this blog to check it out and pass it along to anyone who may need support right now (or at any time).

As a professional coach and as a person, I guess my blog message today is to know that, if you are feeling alone or “bah humbug” this holiday season, you are in good company. Many feel that way this time of year, and there are resources available for coping with it. Reach out, and don’t let the incessant Christmas carols shame you into feeling worse just because it’s December.

My two cents!